My interest in 3d started back in 2003 and at the time I self taught myself some of the basics by reading online tutorials.  However, I could not fully commit since I was working at a law firm and needed to pay bills. It wasn't until I began studying at NYU that I had the opportunity to take a serious approach to learning Maya and building up my 3d skills. During this time I learned to form an understanding for poly count limits, efficient uv mapping and effective ways of faking details with normal maps. Coming from a welding and assembly background it felt like a natural transition to model mechanical objects.  I could use my knowledge in blue print reading and metal working to break down my projects to its basic pieces and build them out 3d. The first model I created was a car for a class project and from there I have made working with mechanical and military based vehicles my primary niche, however, I can create any wide variety of hard surfaced objects.

I have always had a passion for gaming and prior to becoming involved with 3d I would develop my own mods for the original Doom 3d game and Counter Strike. My first industry experience was at 4mm games where I worked on the production of Def Jam Rapstar as a junior game designer and 3d artist under the guidance of former RockStar co-founder Jamie King. Working for a studio that began as a startup gave me the flexibility to work outside of my daily tasks and develop a more rounded understanding of the production work flow. It also gave me exposure to the wider functions of a game studio from conceiving to marketing the product to ultimately presenting it to the media at the E3 2009 trade show. This experience provided me a rich and dynamic way to learn the basic levels of game design and production. My goal is to continue refining my skills and look for any opportunities to bring my talents and enthusiasm for gaming, 3d art, and game design to whatever projects I work on.





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