Overview:  Aspiring game designer and 3D artist looking for an opportunity to demonstrate a strong commitment to producing exceptional work within the video game industry. 

Primary Skills/Interests:  

Game Design: Primarily focused on developing a fun and innovative interaction between the gamer and the system.  Knowledgeable in the theoretical and practical use of game design mechanics used in creating the frame work for dynamic play within the game space.

CG: 3D artist, specifically focused on modeling and texturing a wide range of content, organizational skills adaptable to streamlined production flows, clean topology/hierarchy creation for animators, creating visual concepts/general problem solving.

Software: Maya (Primary), 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

OS: Windows and Mac


2003-2008         New York University                     
Bachelors of Science: Digital Media & Communication
Degree concentration focus: 3D design and game design.          

Work Experience: 
                                                  4MM Games                                 New York, NY

Staff position as a junior game designer in the production department conceiving and developing game play mechanics on a variety of projects.

  • Assessed and provided feedback on design and milestone documents for Def Jam RapStar.  Worked with lead developers to strategize and implement new ideas for game play and achievements.
  • Researched, archived, and created 3d art content and developed game mechanics for a variety of online games.
  • Presented ideas on designs for innovative player interactions within the present scope of the game’s development.  Explored and researched new trends and technology to help deliver a more enriching gaming experience.
  • Performed QA and error checking duties when new builds were sent in and delivered detailed bug reports and game play issues to the development team.


                                                   CombinedStory                            New York, NY  

Contracted to conceptualize and design a Greek themed winery/restaurant using the primitive modeling tool in Second Life.

  • Conceptualized and built to scale a fully interactive set with extreme attention to detail.
  • Created custom texture maps based off of reference photos for the entire set.
  • Created a wide variety of props to add to the “experience” of being in a virtual winery.


                                        Fischer, Frances, Trees, & Watts              New York, NY
Worked as part of an operation’s team analyzing market value prices and interest rates for international government bonds and Treasury notes. 

  • Worked directly with Chile’s Treasury Ministry in balancing and reporting movement of their portfolio.
  • Assisted VP of operations in designing and maintaining a spread sheet of the companies various portfolios as part of an audit review.
  • Organized and analyzed bank statement records with client portfolio movement to insure accurate transaction reporting.